It Lives!

Well, if you've been periodically checking Troubles the past couple of months and are shocked to see it open for business today, you can probably guess what my New Year's resolution is. I'm giving this blogging thing another go. Around October I kind of just ran out of ideas and went on a little hiatus. Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things, because I do honestly enjoy writing.

I'd like to start on a somber note, by honoring my big orange friend Melbotis, who passed away one year ago today. I still miss my buddy every day and that's all I'll say on the matter for fear of getting verklempt and upsetting Lucy.

I don't have any Earth shattering news, other than Scout thinks she's in the Great Escape and has run off into the wilds of Grand Oaks subdivision twice now. She returned to us relatively unharmed once by the kindness of strangers and once by the tenacity of my mother in the pouring rain.

Sometimes I think I hear her throwing a tennis ball against the inside of her crate

The Dug and Kristen have a runaway of their own. Dixie the cat escaped through an open window a couple of days ago, and Doug has been busy combing the streets of Berkeley trying to track her down. I hope they find her, soon.

**UPDATE - Dixie came home! Yay!

We had a quiet and lovely Christmas holiday. Ryan has been off work for nearly 2 weeks, and while I think he is frustrated with not being able to accomplish all he set out to do, it has been nice just being able to spend some time with him. In all honesty, he did manage to bag and board all of his comics from the past year, which is no small feat.

We spent Christmas with the Steanses out at Steans ranch and it was lovely. Thank you for the hospitality and good food and much too generous presents, Karen and Rick!

New Years was also nice. We went with Matt and Nicole to dinner and then made an attempt to spend the rest of the evening at Austin's First Night celebration downtown. After walking for half an hour to locate the main festivities (which was, by that point in the evening, a scattering of kettle corn stands and a mediocre band with a sad, tiny grouping of freezing people) we made the unanimous decision to make a U-turn and high tail it back to the car. We rang in the new year in the warmth of League HQ eating popcorn and playing Mario Kart. Good Times.

Happy New Year everyone! Have a great twenty ten! (Doesn't that sound awesome and futuristic?)


J.S. said…
Glad to see you back at it! I miss Mel, too!

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