Groundhog Day, Lost, Radiohead

This guy says winter's not over. No s@*#.

Has Punxsutawney Phil ever NOT seen his shadow? Wikipedia says he's only predicted an early spring 14 times in 113 years. I think it's a pretty safe assumption for 6 more weeks of winter the first week of February. Especially this year which has been so chilly.

The bright side of February is that it brings the start of another, but sadly last, season of Lost. I know there are a lot of people watching that are itching to get answers in this final season, but I'm just enjoying the ride. There is no possible way after this much build up that Lost can end with a satisfying conclusion. I've accepted that. But that's also not why I watch the show. It brings on a regular weekly basis better writing, acting, music and cinematography than you see in most movies. I will be sad to see it wrap up this year, but I also applaud the creators and ABC for knowing when to say when and wrapping it up before it gets tiresome.

The Interwebs are messing with my goal to remain spoiler free

I'm making Polynesian Chicken tonight in honor of the big premiere. If I were going for authenticity I would be grilling up some wild boar and mangos, but sadly HEB was fresh out of boar.

I'm not this ambitious. I'll stick to my chicken dish.

Radiohead did a fundraising concert for Haiti January 24. I don't get to go to a lot of live shows, but I did get to see them last year at the Woodlands and it was a fantastic performance. You can listen to the podcast of the Haiti concert here. There are links on the page to donation sites so if you haven't yet donated, this is a good opportunity. I've been listening during my post and the set list is impressive, especially since this event was thrown together. They sound incredible and Thom Yorke has a gorgeous voice.

Unfortunately the podcast provides no Thom Yorke Muppet dance


J.S. said…
I know you love Lost, and I'm glad you have it to love, but that show just wears me out. Somehow the idea of making it through another season just strikes me as daunting.
Thanks for the Radiohead link!
Steven said…
My recollection of the Cynthia Mitchell Woods pavilion has never recovered for having been the locus of the site of this Muppet Dance.

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