Taste Test: Soda Marinade Series: Part 1

You may remember this picture from a thrilling post I did about a trip to the grocery store:

Well my friends, you are in in for a treat. Ryan and I recently purchased each and every one of the above mouthwatering soda marinades. They will be featured in our new taste test series.

First up: Dr Pepper Marinade (Thanks to Nathan for pointing out there is, in fact, no period in Dr Pepper)


J.S. said…
I just love the quote, "Well, hon, that's why we have a backup chicken." It's just good common sense.
Unknown said…
Hey, maybe we'll make some Dr Pepper-marinated tofu! OR MAYBE NOT. Thanks for trying it and saving us all from the horror. (Although one of these days I am going to make a Co-cola cake. That's some good eatin'.)
The League said…
Hey, 50% of us found the Dr Pepper Marinade a bold, daring, and flavorful choice! Sure, its 100% sugar, but sugar ain't all bad.
Paul Toohey said…
I was thinking the salt+pepper only chicken breast was a control...so you could gauge that any off-flavours didn't come from the chicken...having it as a back-up was a good choice though.
Chris said…
I do not think this is available here in the NW, but have used DP for years as a marinade for cheap cuts of steak and it works pretty well.

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