Saturday, July 12, 2008

You Tube worthy dance!

So You Think You Can Dance has presented us with the most You Tube worthy dance of the year, courtesy of Katee and Joshua. For the first time ever on the show, a dance was choreographed in Bollywood style. I hope they continue to do Bollywood because I thought it was incredible. Not only did the dancers look like they were having a blast on stage (my most important requirement for You Tube worthiness), but I am awed at the amount of strength needed for all the bouncing and squats! This routine will put a smile on your face and makes me want to seek out a good Bollywood movie.

Good exercise

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Troubles McSteans Taste Test: Bacon Flavored Chocolate

McSteans' buddy Heather stopped by on Friday to join in the Steans family Independence Day festivities bearing some chocolate treats found at Whole Foods. One was a chocolate bar flavored with bacon and the other: red peppers. Inspired by the League's many adventures with questionable foods, I thought this a perfect opportunity for a taste test.

Ryan v. Brussel Sprout Jones Soda, Dec. 25, 2005 (courtesy the League of Melbotis)

Surely if the League could sacrifice his digestive system in the name of bloggy entertainment, I could likewise rise to the challenge. Bravely joining me in this culinary adventure were the League, the League and Steanso's cousin Susan, and Heather (who conveniently opted out of the bacon challenge due to her "vegan" status). Let the taste test begin:

First up: Mo's Bacon Bar. I don't know if you used to play this game as a child, but we had one where the goal was to out gross your friends with the most disgusting combinations of foods. Examples: ice cream and pickles, ketchup and cereal, brussel sprouts and anything. I don't remember bacon and chocolate specifically being one of those pairings, but it should have been.

This item was actually located inside Whole Foods, a 'Health Food Store'

I cautiously take in the aroma of bacony chocolate

Ryan takes a whiff

Even Mel is skeptical

I fearlessly take the first bite in the name of science. My first impression is that of a normal chocolate bar...

And then the bacon kicks in

Do not want

The two flavors are battling it out on my tongue and it's taking all my power not to hock the piece of candy across the room just to get it out of my mouth.

I hand the offending chocolate over to my other tasters.

Susan is in agreement - this is food meant for no man nor beast

Except that Ryan kinda likes it

Ryan unbelievably declares 'Mo's Bacon Bar' A-OK. I must try putting ketchup in his cereal.

Next up: Red Fire Bar. Chocolate flavored with red peppers.

Having wisely passed on the bacon chocolate, Heather volunteers to be the first Red Fire Bar taster

It tastes like burning

I give it a go

Tastes like chocolate

Susan gets a big bite of pepper

Ryan says: "Chocomatey, with a slight hint of zing"

Well, that about wraps up my first and possibly last taste test. Thanks to Heather, Susan, and Ryan for being a part of it. I may have actually cured myself of my love of chocolate.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cassidy and Jeff the Cat: A love story

Steanso sometimes brings his cutie pie doggy Cassidy when he comes to visit. She announces her arrival with jingling ID tags and a valiant "AAARRRRooooooooooo!!". Lucy and Cassidy, besides being dog-cousins, are also good buddies and enjoy their play/ sparring time. It's great because they wear each other out. They turn into a black and white tornado of snarling and fur, but never hurt each other, so it's all in good fun.

Cassidy wonders why Lucy does not trip over her cumbersome fourth leg.

When Lucy gets tired of fighting, however, Cassidy turns her full attention to Jeff the Cat.

The object of her affection.

Cassidy and Jeff the Cat have an interesting relationship. We believe Cass is smitten with our moody feline as she will spend hours trying to get as close to him as possible. At first we thought Jeff despised being chased all over the house, but recently we've realized after she calms down he will come sit close to her. We have to wonder - does Jeff return her feelings?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

SYTYCD: Not as good as last year?

Some of you may have seen my guest post on the League of Melbotis regarding my excitement for the summer season of So You Think You Can Dance. Last season was my first time watching, and I thought the talent and choreography was phenomenal. I used to measure the entertainment quality of a dance by whether or not it was 'You Tube worthy'. By that I mean it was so good I wanted to watch it again the next day on my computer. Some of my favorites were Danny and Lacey's Samba, Pasha and Sara's West Coast Swing, Neil and Lauren's Jazz, and the Top 10 Contemporary group number. There are too many others that I loved to list here, but my favorite of the season was probably Hok and Jaimie's extraordinary Hummingbird dance.

There have been a few 'You Tube worthy' dances this year, but to me something is lacking. I'm not sure if it's the dancers or the choreography, but I just don't feel as wowed as I did last summer. The only standouts, with a few exceptions, are the pairings of Joshua and Katee and Mark and Chelsie. There are other technically talented dancers, but there's also a certain amount of acting ability and energy that needs to be involved in order to sell a dance. This to me is what is separating these two couples from the pack. It may just be too early in the season for 'You Tube' dances and I hope that the dancers and choreographers will step it up once we get down to the Top 10.