SYTYCD: Not as good as last year?

Some of you may have seen my guest post on the League of Melbotis regarding my excitement for the summer season of So You Think You Can Dance. Last season was my first time watching, and I thought the talent and choreography was phenomenal. I used to measure the entertainment quality of a dance by whether or not it was 'You Tube worthy'. By that I mean it was so good I wanted to watch it again the next day on my computer. Some of my favorites were Danny and Lacey's Samba, Pasha and Sara's West Coast Swing, Neil and Lauren's Jazz, and the Top 10 Contemporary group number. There are too many others that I loved to list here, but my favorite of the season was probably Hok and Jaimie's extraordinary Hummingbird dance.

There have been a few 'You Tube worthy' dances this year, but to me something is lacking. I'm not sure if it's the dancers or the choreography, but I just don't feel as wowed as I did last summer. The only standouts, with a few exceptions, are the pairings of Joshua and Katee and Mark and Chelsie. There are other technically talented dancers, but there's also a certain amount of acting ability and energy that needs to be involved in order to sell a dance. This to me is what is separating these two couples from the pack. It may just be too early in the season for 'You Tube' dances and I hope that the dancers and choreographers will step it up once we get down to the Top 10.


J.S. said…
What about the drunken flailing that we see from Roundball every time you guys attend a wedding? Would you consider that You Tube worthy?

By the way. No. I don't think I can dance.
Anonymous said…
It's still a bit early in the season. I think once we get to the Top 10, things will improve (hopefully).

You should blog about how much you adore Mary and her cackling.
mcsteans said…
Let us not speak of Mary Murphy's 'voice'. It is what the mute button was made for.
The League said…
It's really, really amazing that this Mary lady is on TV at all. She's like a horrible living stereotype of a drill team instructor with a terrible, piercing voice. I already have limited interest in the show, and then she comes on and its like driving knitting needles into my sinuses.

Oddly, I think that Nigel guy is one of the most reasonable judges on TV. All that said, I know nothing about dance. I just know none of these women are Cheryl Burke of "Dancing with the Stars".

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