You Tube worthy dance!

So You Think You Can Dance has presented us with the most You Tube worthy dance of the year, courtesy of Katee and Joshua. For the first time ever on the show, a dance was choreographed in Bollywood style. I hope they continue to do Bollywood because I thought it was incredible. Not only did the dancers look like they were having a blast on stage (my most important requirement for You Tube worthiness), but I am awed at the amount of strength needed for all the bouncing and squats! This routine will put a smile on your face and makes me want to seek out a good Bollywood movie.

Good exercise


The League said…
How bad can Bollywood style be if 1 billion people agree its the way to go?
Anonymous said…
for proof:
Carla said…
Love that they are adding different styles. But the country two step the other night was horrible!
mcsteans said…
Agreed - I did NOT care for that.

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