Cassidy and Jeff the Cat: A love story

Steanso sometimes brings his cutie pie doggy Cassidy when he comes to visit. She announces her arrival with jingling ID tags and a valiant "AAARRRRooooooooooo!!". Lucy and Cassidy, besides being dog-cousins, are also good buddies and enjoy their play/ sparring time. It's great because they wear each other out. They turn into a black and white tornado of snarling and fur, but never hurt each other, so it's all in good fun.

Cassidy wonders why Lucy does not trip over her cumbersome fourth leg.

When Lucy gets tired of fighting, however, Cassidy turns her full attention to Jeff the Cat.

The object of her affection.

Cassidy and Jeff the Cat have an interesting relationship. We believe Cass is smitten with our moody feline as she will spend hours trying to get as close to him as possible. At first we thought Jeff despised being chased all over the house, but recently we've realized after she calms down he will come sit close to her. We have to wonder - does Jeff return her feelings?


Dug said…
I sense a Disney movie.
J.S. said…
My dog can't stay at your house anymore. Dog-cat love is unnatural and a crime against God.
Steven said…
It's also a sign of the end times as predicted by St. Venkman.
J.S. said…
I appreciate the fact that you've managed to incorporate the Ghostbusters characters into your religious worldview, Steven.

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