Pictures from California

I finally got the pictures off of my camera from my Berkeley trip and thought I would share. I had a great time with Doug and Kristen and hope to be able to go back next year (preferably this time with Ryan in tow).

Doug and Kristen in Fisherman's Wharf with a giant crab

Forbes Island - the floating restaurant. Do not recommend if you are prone to seasickness.

Statue on Forbes Island. It was kind of a strange place....

We went to Kristen's office where she does the lawyering....

...and helped her with the availability board

We finally made it to Alcatraz on Saturday

This was about the same size as Doug's room in our old house

Cheese pretzel on the return boat from Alcatraz. Kristen chose....poorly

Doug's kitty, Digger

If you are at all interested you can find the rest of the pictures here.


Anonymous said…
Don't know why my face seemed frozen in a state of "HAW!" in the first 2 photos- luckily it didn't stick that way. My coworkers enjoyed the "Zombies" tag lurking under the less-exciting "Court" one - it was super classy. Thanks for coming out- we had so much fun!
Anonymous said…
Photos on Flickr are set to private :(
mcsteans said…
crap - let me go fix that. sorry
J.S. said…
Looks like a fun trip! I'm jealous!
J.S. said…
And I meant to tell you that I looked it up, and Al Capone was at Alcatraz for about 6 or 7 years (he got out in 1939). He even did some time in solitary confinement for trying to bribe the guards.
Anonymous said…
The link seems incorrect now.
Anonymous said…

Is that statue a real statue, or one of those people pretending to be a statue? I can't tell in that photo here.
Dug said…
It's a real crab sculpture. Here's another view.

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