Thrill the World

This afternoon, Jason and I went down to the Long Center to take in Thrill the World, an event where people in cities around the world gather dressed as zombies to perform the Michael Jackson Thriller dance simultaneously. Really.

Not knowing what to expect, we wandered up to the outdoor plaza to watch 881 zombies doing an admirably respectable job of the complicated dance. It was a little eerie, but all in all: awesome.


Dug said…
Um, that is amazing.
Jill said…
I, too, am amazed. And wondering why we don't do that in Kalamazoo.
mcsteans said…
Jill, you should organize one for next year.
The League said…
It is amazing San Francisco didn't beat us... could our dedication to both early-career Michael Jackson AND zombies be greater than that of so many other places?

I love this town.
Dug said…
San Francisco apparently had some communication failures around a location change this year. There are no people less organized than zombie hippies.

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