Weirdness, Day 3

The floor guys are still here doing their thing.

They are finished with the staining and scoring and are going to be working on sealing today. Tomorrow they paint the walls, so I hope we can agree on paint colors before then.

Floors in progress

Yesterday after dialysis I was planning on staying holed up in the bedroom with Jeff the Cat until around 1:30 when they started scoring the cement. I don't know if you've ever smelled cement dust, but it's nauseatingly suffocating.

I had to flee.

After opening a window for Jeff the Cat and wishing him the best of luck, I headed off to my parents new house in San Marcos where they were preparing for today's arrival of furniture and boxes. And so begins what is sure to be a tradition of pop-ins. Here's how it goes:

Me calling mom, IN the car on the way to their house:
"What are you all up to?"

Mom: "Not much"

Me: "Are you at home?"

Mom: "Yes"

Me: "I'm coming over."

Later that afternoon...

Me: "So.....what are you doing for dinner?"

Mom: "I'm making it"

Me: "Is there enough for me?"

Classy. But thanks, Mom and Dad, for providing me refuge from the fumes and feeding me fresh veggies. What are we having tonight?


Dug said…
Floor looks good!
J.S. said…
The floor does look good. Look forward to seeing the finished product with the family room walls painted.
Erica said…
I love the new floors! So glad your parents are close by now.
Carla said…
Love your floors and I do know that smell. It's so horrible! I'm glad you saved yourself and fled. So I'd like an update and photos of SYTYCD tour!!

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