Frequent Flyers

I am on the verge of requesting some kind of Platinum status with our veterinarian.

We've been in and out of there so many times the last time I checked out with Lucy the snarky receptionist said:
"See you tomorrow!"

The awful week we had saying goodbye to Mel we were literally in there every day, but since then Lucy has had three separate incidents, all of them involving her digestive system.

We went to Houston this weekend to visit Ryan's grandfather (he moved to a care facility there last year - it was nice to see him and to visit with Karebear).

Anyway, we brought Lucy with us for the first time ever. She's finally old enough to behave herself alone in a strange house, but we left her with a rather large rawhide which it appears she failed to chew before swallowing. That combined with a bit of carsickness led to much barfing last night and this morning, and yet another trip to the vet.

Le sigh.


J.S. said…
At work we use the phrase "frequent flyers" to refer to defendants with mental illnesses that are functioning at such an extremely low level that they repeatedly engage in behavior that gets them arrested (e.g., getting arrested for a criminal trespass at some business, and then getting out of jail and going right back to that same business that same day). Of course, Lucy seems to keep swallowing things that she can't digest and she doesn't seem to understnad that they're making her sick, so...

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