I've been in a funk all week. I wouldn't consider it feeling sorry for myself, because I try not to do that, but I kinda feel like if I look up I'll catch a glimpse of a tiny storm cloud hovering over my head.

Wow, that really sounds like self pity, doesn't it.

In attempting to clear away the cloud, I've been trying to pinpoint the source of my foul mood. I think part of it can be attributed to not enjoying this time of year. The holidays are over, it's very cold, and currently there is nothing on my calendar to look forward to. Also I miss my dog. Lots. The house seems so empty without him and I continue to expect to see him drowsily shuffling into the kitchen post-nap as he was wont to do.

I'm trying to shift my attentions to Lucy, but she is (so to speak) not playing ball. I took her in the car to get coffee with me the other day, an activity Mel loved, and she cried the whole way. I try to give her goodnight hugs and she growls at me. Sweet as she is and as much as I love her, she's not Mel.

I need to clear my head, and I need to do it quickly. Yesterday I was grouchy with both my mother and Ryan and that was unfair to them. Sorry, guys.

Thanks for putting up with my moody post - it does make me feel marginally better to write about it. I was going to post a taste test of my Christmas stocking gift, "Bacon Mints", but Lucy enjoyed them before I could.

Lucy craves the delicious taste of bacony aluminum


J.S. said…
Maybe you need to get out of the house more. I recommend some kind of informal class (maybe pottery or something) in which you can start to make pieces of art that can slowly begin to take over all of the display places in your house that are currently occupied by statues of superheroes (I'm thinking erotic smurf art may be the way to go). When Ryan objects, you can face off against him in some kind of challenge (Wii or real life bowling?) to earn the right to display stuff. All of the family friends can gather to watch the challenge, drink beer, and cheer on their favorite contestant.
(seriously, though, last winter when I was in a funk, I planned the trip to Costa Rica. You need stuff to look forward to. I'm down for a weekend beach trip in March or April, if you wanna do that)
mcsteans said…
Erotic smurf art?
J.S. said…
Don't begrudge a man his proclivities.
Erica said…
Come to H-town! It's soo exciting here, well not really, but we could hang out. I would seriously, skip the erotic smurf art, that's just plain scary.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jamie! I'm glad writing about it helps...Doug can tell you that I was in a serious funk after my childhood dog died (she lived to 17, and I hadn't even lived with her for years when it happened.) One day I burst into tears over my pancakes (in a very hipster-y brunch restaurant) because I remembered that when I was young I would always make her a tiny pancake after I was done making ours. Dogs are family, and it takes a long time to feel better after losing them. It does sound like erotic smurf art is the way to go, however. Or you could check out and Angry Whopper, my recent obsession. Taste test!
mcsteans said…
Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

E, Ryan and I have been trying to schedule a trip to H-town, we're just figuring out which weekend is best for everyone. So we will see you and your little one and your not so little one soon :)

K, that's sweet about the pancake. It's true, it is the little things you'll suddenly remember that really get to you.

Angry Whopper?
Anonymous said…
Well, there have been ads up in all the train stations around here. They say "Angry Whopper" and have a big picture of a hamburger with what looks like pepper jack and fries sticking out of it. Apparently those are onion rings that are somehow mildly enraged:

If they don't have them in Austin, maybe the Dug will be the taste tester. Oh, and also:
mcsteans said…
Oh wow. That's kind of hilarious (the de-friending).

Yes, we do have the Angry Whopper, but I don't think I can do it. I try to stay away from hostile foods. Maybe I can get Ryan to make the sacrifice.

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