On Hold

Making good on my resolution to blog more.

I'm currently on hold with [my secondary insurance company] as they valiantly try to figure out some bizzare charges from [my local hospital]. I already spent half an hour this morning on the phone with the primary insurance. This is how I end up not getting anything done.

On the plus side, I actually located the property tax bill in the trashheap of paperwork cluttering my office and got it off in the mail yesterday, so I can cross something off of my list. Yays!

Cassidy is staying with us while Jason has some foundation work done on his house, which has been good for Lucy. I just have to make sure they don't have too much fun trying to kill each other, otherwise Cassidy will be down to 2 legs.

Going to collect Mel's ashes from the Animal Hospital today. We'll be spreading them at the Barton Creek spillover on Saturday at 11:30 for anyone who wants to join us. More about that on Ryan's blog.


J.S. said…
Thanks for taking care of Cassidy! You're a great dog aunt!

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