Happy Birthday Nathan!

Today is my friend Nathan's birthday.

Nathan is a fellow Trinity Tiger alum (rawr) who also knows Ryan from high school. He still lives in the great city of San Antonio with his lovely wife Renata and their adorable kids Samantha and Maximilian. We don't get to see him very often these days but we still keep in touch and we hope to make a trip down I-35 soon to see the Cone clan and visit San Antonio.

Fun fact, apropo of nothing: Nathan was once a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and won a nice chunk of change. Sadly I don't think he and Renata danced in a train station afterwards, Bollywood style, but I could be wrong.

Happy Birthday Nathan!



J.S. said…
Happy birthday, Nathan!!!
Nathan said…
Shamefully, I am only now seeing this post.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday blog post. You're a great friend!


P.S. Though we didn't dance in a train station, we celebrated with lobster ravioli and live jazz in NYC.

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