Back in Business/ SYTYCD

Well, after three years of service my MacBook finally died. More specifically, the screen died. It started fading to white every so often, kinda like the season finale of Lost except less entertaining, then I'd reboot it and it would be fine. Sunday night it did this and never came back. After rushing it to the "Genius Bar" (I will never get over how pretentious that is. They should call it the "iER" or something), I was told it would be $800 just to get a replacement screen. That's not including labor and fixing the DVD player which said adios a couple of months ago when I accidentally dropped the laptop on it's side. Ahem.

So after pulling my best Puss n' Boots on Ryan:

I went with his blessing back to the Apple store to hunt down an extremely early Christmas present.

I don't really need a fancy shmancy computer. I was planning on waltzing in there and picking up their cheapest laptop, but I kept gravitating towards the MacBook Pro. Of course that's what I talked myself into.

So shiny

Everybody dance!
So the new season of So You Think You Can Dance is in full swing. I love this show so much. It has a great host (Cat Deeley is awesome. She's not afraid to hug sweaty dancers, dance out in the cold with auditioners waiting in line, fix dancer's shoes, and she's also 8 feet tall), competent judges, and extremely talented choreographers and dancers. I haven't picked out a favorite this season yet, I kind of like everyone except the two that were ousted last week. Here is my favorite dance from last night's show:

(You can FF to the actual performance and skip the fluff at the beginning)

My friend Kristi and I did a dance for the school talent show in 5th grade to Howard Jones' Things Can Only Get Better. I'm thinking we should dust that puppy off and seriously consider auditioning for next season.


Dug said…
My (older) MacBook Pro is actually named "shiny". It fits.
J.S. said…
I fully support your plan to try out for So You Think You Can Dance. I think Ryan should be your dance partner, though, and you guys should dance to Love Will Keep Us Together by The Captain and Tenille.
Carla said…
I second that try out idea from Jason!

I have also not picked a favorite this season but I'm currently leaning toward Evan but I do not know how far he will go. And what do you think of Kayla?

Oh and they are going to do a fall season!!!
mcsteans said…
Hey, Carla! Great to hear from you!

Yes, Evan and Ade are probably my favorite guys right now, though now that they got rid of Max, who bugged me for some reason, I pretty much like all the guys.

I'm on the fence with Kayla. The judges seem to loooove her, but I just don't see anything special. Maybe I'll change my mind when she gets paired with Kupono this week.

I did hear about the fall season! And Evan's brother is going to be on, at least in Vegas!
Steven said…
Funny, I remember watching Cat Deely on MTV UK back when I was on the continent. She doesn't seem to have aged a minute which proves one important point: She's a dance-robot.

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