Ryan and I had dinner last night with our friend Erica (aka Tiny E, aka Bug) and her husband Scott. Ryan knew Erica from high school and Erica was my suitemate/roommate from Trinity depending on the year. Erica and Scott have an adorable little boy named Isaac who we got to meet before dinner.

Isaac, seen here taking downtown Houston by storm

Also before dinner we got to see Erica's mom Wanda, whom we hadn't seen in years. Wanda is awesome and it was great to see her, even if only for a few minutes. She also hasn't aged in 15 years - it's kind of amazing.

Erica and Wanda looking cute New Year's Eve 1995

We had a great time catching up, eating some good Mexican food at Vivo, reminiscing about high school and college, and debating the pros and cons of Facebook. Afterwards we partied it up by swinging by the HEB before calling it a night at 9:30 because we were all tired. We are getting old.

Here's one more because I can't resist:

Erica, Richard, and Shannon in Nuevo Laredo


Erica said…
we should really start wearing sombreros more often. Scott and I had such a great time seeing y'all. Hope we can do it again soon.
Erica said…
someday I'll learn how to spell the name of that hat too

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