July 27 is a special day

Tomorrow is the birthday of two of my favorite people, my mom and my good friend Nicole. Saturday night a group of us gathered at the Z Tejas to celebrate Nicole's birthday a wee bit early. We then ventured out to Donn's Depot for drinks.

Matt and Nicole enjoying the ambiance and fuzzy wallpaper of the Donn's.

Juan and his new friend who kept appearing to stand mute by our table. We chose to call him "Steve".

Tonight Ryan and I made our way south to San Marcos for some dinner and cake to celebrate my mom's birthday. My folks have just returned from their trek to Brazil and were sharing stories and some amazing pictures of their adventure.

My mom's favorite cake is called Helen Corbitt chocolate cake and has this caramel icing that is easy to royally screw up. I set out yesterday afternoon to attempt making this cake and decided, "Hey, if I'm already making one cake, I should just go ahead and make another for Nicole!"

Mom and cake

The cakes miraculously turned out ok, but I was definitely tired of cooking by the time I was finished. I honestly don't know how people who cook for a living manage. My guess is that our concrete floors that were installed last year that we love so much weren't doing my back any favors. Especially since I never wear shoes unless forced. I'm thinking some cushy carpeted runners for the kitchen would help.

Anyhoo, it's been a fun weekend but I'm kind of wiped today after hanging out with party animal Nicole last night so this is a shorter entry than it should be. My apologies to the birthday girls.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
Happy Birthday, Nicole!


J.S. said…
Happy birthday, Judy! Happy birthday, Nicole!
Unknown said…
I loved the cake! I finished it off this morning which I think is very appropriate.

Oh yeah, I do remember telling you and Julia the story of how sad I was when Jason Bourne's girlfriend got shot in the neck. That was after the second bit of tequila, I think. And then the head went down. Once a year is always good enough for me : )

A world of thanks for your friendship, McSteans...


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