Rain, Plumbing, and Tap Dancing

I'm glad I went to the grocery store before the rain started. I kept eyeing the darkening clouds on the way to my car and luckily I got home just in time. We need rain so bad, though, so this is a good thing. The dogs disagree and Scout was forlornly staring out the window earlier. It was kind of sad. Thankfully Ryan got up this morning before work and took Lucy and Scout for a walk so they're tired enough for sleeping away the afternoon instead of letting the storm make them anxious.

So the plumber was supposed to stop by yesterday afternoon to fix our leaking sink. At noon he called to touch base. At 4 he called to let me know his current job was giving him more trouble than he had anticipated and he was running late. At 7 I tried calling him twice to see if he could just come this morning instead, but had to leave a message on his cell phone. Since I didn't have a sink, we had to go out for dinner, so Ryan and I left a note on the door saying for him to please call us today to reschedule.

I hadn't heard from him as of 10:00 this morning, so I called the main line.

"Yeah, your plumber never showed"

(Looks up file in computer) "Are you the people who left the note on the door saying you would call back to reschedule?"

(This is not at all what the note said, but whatever) "Yes"

"[whatshisname] is all booked up for today. Can we schedule you for another day?"

Yeah, no thanks, Helpy.

I called Clarke Kent plumbing and they had a guy here and gone in and hour and a half. Sheesh.

Tap Dancing
SYTYCD came back on the air last night (apparently Fox thinks reality television is more important than Obama's health care plan). Anyhoo, it came packaged in a much slimmer one hour format, which eliminated a lot of time wasting bad auditions. Evan Kasprzak's brother Ryan returned to audition and had a tap-off with repeat auditioner Bianca Revels. It was pretty slick (tap-off starts around -2:45):

Maybe I can get Nicole to work with me on a tap routine for the Halloween party.


The League said…
You didn't tell them "No, we left a message with our phone number taped to the door so ABC could reschedule for first thing tomorrow"?

I know conflict is your least favorite thing, but there's nothing wrong with telling the truth. You lost 7 hours yesterday. He lost nothing.
Blah-gger said…
So glad Superplumbr, Man of Steel Pipes answered the call of duty! I am surprised Ryan didn't have you call Clarke Kent plumbing in the first place! Ha Ha!
mcsteans said…
No, I didn't argue with her, but I made it pretty clear they had lost a client. Sometimes that speaks volumes.

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