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One step forward, three steps back

So last week Scout learned to sit. I know I posted a picture of her sitting the previous week, but I think that was due more to coincidence than her comprehension. But now she's got it down. She'll do it mostly with the first request and even sans edible reward. We're also well on our way to "lie down" as she hears it all the time. She is picking up the art of fetching, although not so much with the "giving back" once she's returned to the porch. Then again Mel was never so good at that part, either.

She's been pretty good when we leave her alone, up until Sunday night. Scout had a major anxiety attack while we were out at Ryan's parents' house and took her frustration out on a number of Ryan's books. If you'd like details, you can read Ryan's account of the incident.

Scout is clearly not as comfortable here as we assumed, which is normal for an animal in a new environment, but nonetheless disappointing. We don't like crating her, but we'll have to do it at night and when we leave for the foreseeable future.

Sink troubles

Our house is about 5 years old (I think), but I'm sure was constructed with cost efficiency in mind. So I was unhappy but not entirely surprised to notice a puddle next to the kitchen sink last night. Apparently our sink sprayer hose has an enormous crack in it and has been leaking into the sink cabinet. Who knows how long this has been going on, because everything was sitting in a puddle of water and some items had begun to mold.

We've got a plumber coming to assess the situation tomorrow (we know the hose needs replacing, but it may be more than that) and in the meantime I can't use my sink. URG. A little problem in the whole scheme of things, but inconvenient nonetheless.


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