Bright, Sunshiny Day

Good Monday, citizens! I don't know what to call my collective group of 3 or 4 readers. League of Melbotis had Leaguers and Adventures of Steanso has Adventurers. Troublemakers? McSteanies?

I admit, I am in a good mood today, primarily because I didn't have dialysis this morning. I'm coming off of a strange holiday dialysis schedule where everyone's days were shifted to give Christmas and New Years off to patients and staff. So this marks the first Monday in years that I haven't felt like crap. Hooray! Also? No dialysis tomorrow, either.

It is hella cold here this morning, which caught me off guard when I glanced outside at the sunshine and ventured to the grocery store sans coat. My car thermometer informed me it was not yet 40 degrees out and I regretted my clothing choice. I hope it gets a little warmer, or at least stays sunny, because I have to get the dogs out of the house for walkies today, lest they drive me bonkers.

Speaking of the grocery store, I picked up some shredded cheese (cool story, right?). I always get the HEB brand, because it tastes fine and is cheaper than Kraft. Anyhoo, I find it strange that HEB has made the decision to label some of their cheese "Fancy", even though it tastes exactly the same as the non-fancy cheese. What's fancy about it? Was it cut with diamonds?

Needs a top hat and a monacle

While we're talking about the Heeb, I saw these on the shelf there a while ago. Ryan wants me to buy all of them to try, but I don't think I have the stomach for it.


One last pointless picture - I got a new toaster this weekend. It is already superior to my last 2 toasters in that it:

A) Doesn't have a "POEWR" button
B) Has a door that closes all the way
C) Has a timer that works

This is the best toaster, ever. There is none higher.


The League said…
You don't have to taste-test the sauces. I'm happy to do it. All of them sound like a good idea to me.

Also, I seem to recall a little, pale girl who didn't want a new toaster oven even though her current toaster oven was a fire hazard.
J.S. said…
You guys are the toaster buyingste folks I know. And I've also wondered about what makes that cheese so fancy. Maybe it's made with milk from fancy cows...
The League said…
Maybe its the COWS in fancy gowns and tieras?
Steven said…
By the poewr of Grayskull I AM HE-MAN.

(and I vote for Troublemakers)

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