I just got back from the dentist. The left side of my mouth is numb, but it's mainly in the back so I can still feel my lips and tongue for the most part. He had to replace a broken filling that I just had put in 4-5 years ago. I really like my current dentist. He's close to the house, the staff is super nice, and he seems totally competent, which is always a plus.

My dad just retired last year from his career as an Orthodontist. Prior to that, he was an army dentist. This meant that not only was I a guinea pig for my dad to straighten my effed up teeth, Doug and I had excellent dental care complete with yearly fluoride treatments. This was back in the days before they put fluoride right in your toothpaste so you had to swish it around in your mouth for a while. I believe it came in two flavors, Cat Pee and Battery Acid.

After Doug and I left the nest, I kind of let my attendance record at the dentist slip a bit. The first time I went to another dentist was in Arizona. I think Ryan and I just picked them randomly off of our insurance list.

The first time I went in, the doctor came back with the x-rays and informed me, "You have 5 cavities".

5. cavities.

I had never had a cavity in my life. The first thing that went through my head was not "Getting these filled is going to SUCK" but: "I have brought shame to my family".

When I went in 6 months later for another check up, I was told I had 3 more cavities that had been there a while. So, they pretty much just didn't catch them the last time. So now I had a total of 8. cavities.

At this point I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to show my face at home again. On top of that, WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THIS DENTIST that they missed 3 huge cavities the first time. Also, they obviously did something wrong now that one of these fragile fillings has already shattered.

Moral of the story: ask around about your dentist before making an appointment. And listen to Mr. Tooth:

Don't forget to brush and floss every day boys and girls! See you in your nightmares!


The League said…
Wait, did you not actually have those 8 cavities?
mcsteans said…
I was mad at myself for getting 8 cavities, but also questioning the skill of the first dentist for failing to catch the 3 additional cavities the first time I went in.
The League said…
I dunno. 8 cavities is a lot at once. I'm a little suspicious when it comes to any chain dentist, and that place was part of a chain.
J.S. said…
Yeah, those chain dentists are notorious for creating dental work that other dentists would deem unneccessary. On the other hand, it's pretty hard to question the work that your dentist is doing without getting a second opinion.
J.S. said…
Also, my favorite flavor of the old flouride was cat pee.
Dug said…
I, too, have brought shame upon the family. I had one (falls on sword).
Timothy Burley said…
Another lesson here is, of course, get a trustworthy dentist. I mean, you can always ask your friends if they know a good one. Or you can even ask your Dad. In any case, don't be harsh on yourself. Cavities happen. Life happens. ;)

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